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What would you do if your tower block is on fire? How would you help your family to escape? Be prepared. Make a plan now.

The Senje TZL 30 filtering mask is an atmospheric, air-purifying negative pressure filtration device with a flame-resistant hood. According to the National Public Security Standard GB21976.7-2012, this smoke mask is made for escaping from a fire disaster. The mask has passed the type test by China National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision Center. This mask provides breathing, head and eye protection to help the wearer to evacuate from the harm of toxic smoke, fog, carbon monoxide, hot gas flow, heat radiation and sparks. It effectively protects you for a minimum of 30 minutes* from smoke and toxic gases. *The effective period changes depending on the environment. See the Specs tab for chart information.

Main Technical Performance:
Anti-Carbon Monoxide (CO) 0.25% > 30 minutes
Gas-Leaking Ratio % < 5
Penetration ratio of oily fog % < 5
All photography is reference only
All technical information is provided by the manufacturer. Peek Concepts is not held responsible for any inaccuracies in the data.
This product can be used up to three years after the manufacture date
This product is not recommended for young children
Country of Origin China


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