Hochiki Smoke Alarm – Model SS-2LT-10HCC


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The Hochiki intelligent smoke alarm is perfect for your home. Hochiki has thoroughly focused on design and ease of use as well as quality, such as distinguishing between fire smoke and steam.

  • Loud 90dB ear piercing alarm
  • Shape and size that fits both ceilings and walls
  • Equipped with the industry’s first “learning function” that automatically adjusts fire judgment according to the room environment
  • Equipped with a “sensitivity correction function” that automatically repairs dirt inside the sensor, providing long-term peace of mind
  • Unique “patented technology” that minimizes power consumption with “Sleep mode” that puts the CPU to sleep before booting
  • 3 V Lithium Battery (10 Years Life)

This smoke alarm features an advanced photoelectric sensor, designed to alert you and your family to the dangers of smoke and fire. The unit is accepted by the Hong Kong Fire Services Department. It comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Sensor Optical Smoke (sensitivity type II)
Model SS-2LT
Where to install Indoor (wall or ceiling)
LED Red, Fire Alarm
Voice Alert Two-stage frequency plus voice alarm
Sound Level About 90 dB/m 2~2kHz
Stop Alarm Press the front button
Alarm Phase Time about 14 minutes
Power Source 3V Lithium (included)
Voltage DC 3V
Battery Life About 10 years (depends on usage)
Surrounding Temp. 0~40C (non-condensing)
Size W94.5mm/H94.5mm/D27.5mm (Base included
Weight About 100g
Certification & Compliance NS (Japan Fire Fighting Certification Association)
Accepted Hong Kong Fire Services Department
Manufacture in: Japan
Warranty 10 years (limited)


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