First Aid Kit (1-9 persons)


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First aid kit for the home and workplace 1-9 person

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First aid kit for the home and workplace. Complies with the regulations of the Hong Kong Labour Department. It has all the essentials for first aid in the home.

  • Clearly labelled box with a checklist; optional wall mount included
  • Rennington Hygioplast branded sterile consumables
  • Includes a First Aid booklet by Occupational Health Service, Labour Department in English and Chinese

Meets the requirements of the Occupational Safety & Health Regulation of Hong Kong for 9 employees or fewer (excludes notifiable workplaces e.g. factory, mine or quarry).

First Aid Kit

First aid booklet 急救指南副本 1
Sterile unmedicated dressing (size S) 細碼無藥性消毒紗布 6
Sterile unmedicated dressing (size M) 中碼無藥性消毒紗布 3
Sterile unmedicated dressing (size L) 大碼無藥性消毒紗布 3
Adhesive wound dressings of assorted size 大小尺碼不同膠布 30
Triangular bandages 三角繃帶 2
Rolls of adhesive plaster 氧化鋅膠布 1
Packages of cotton wool 棉花 3
Pressure bandages 壓力繃帶 1
Dressing scissors 剪刀 1
Disposable gloves 更換性手套 1
Safety pins 扣針 3
Eyebath 洗眼杯 1
Adhesive plastic 膠布 2
Adhesive dressing 紗布 2
Cleaning wipe 消毒紙巾 4


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