Fire Safety

Smoke Mask


What would you do if your tower block is on fire? How would you help your family to escape? Be prepared. Make a plan now. The Senje TZL 30 filtering mask is an atmospheric, air-purifying negative pressure filtration device with a flame-resistant hood. According to the National Public Security Standard GB21976.7-2012, this smoke mask is [...]


Info Specs Reviews Perfect for car, taxi, and school bus runs This tether strap is an optional addition to RideSafer 4 Delight travel vest. It can be used without the EATAL if the vehicle already offers a safe anchor point. Contact your vehicle manufacturer to check where this tether strap can be ideally attached to [...]


Info Specs Reviews Perfect for car, taxi, and school bus runs This Energy Absorbing Tether Anchor Loop (EATAL) is to be used in conjunction with a RideSafer Delight travel vest and a tether strap.The loop is a crash tested accessory which creates a tether anchor point when the vehicle itself does not offer a suitable [...]

Baby & Child

RideSafer Neck Rest


Info Specs Reviews Making car, taxi, and school bus run, comfortable and safe This neck rest is an optional extra to the Generation 4 RideSafer Delight travel vest. Especially useful for younger children who fall asleep during journeys. Available in mesh material with soft trim (mainly black, grey, or yellow) Removable pillow is held in [...]


Cooking Thermometers & Timers

Replacement Probe for ChefAlarm and DOT


An additional probe is handy in any household especially when cooking two types of foods in the same oven. Unplug one probe and plug in the other and you can measure the temperatures of both foods without opening the oven. Peek Concepts is the official distributor of the ChefAlarm, DOT and their accessories in Hong [...]


PuriBand Sticker Thermometers! The latest tool in the fight against communicable disease! Eliminate the need to zap everyone on the forehead every time they walk through the door. The PuriBand Sticker Thermometer gives a constant, accurate read at a glance. These FDA approved thermometer stickers give you constant and instant monitoring of body temperature for [...]

Cooking Thermometers & Timers

Protective Boot: Thermapen Classic


Info Reviews This silicone boot offers additional protection for your SuperFast Thermapen Classic cooking thermometer. Protects against accidental damage Made from durable silicone rubber Ergonomically designed in England Glow in the dark Buy now. Feel reassured that your Thermapen classic thermometer is protected.  Check out our full range: Sous Vide SuperFast Thermapen 3 and the [...]

Cooking Thermometers & Timers

Protective Boot (ThermaLite)


Info Reviews This silicone boot offers additional protection for your ThermaLite cooking thermometer Imported from England Protects against accidental damage Made from durable silicone rubber Buy now. Feel reassured that your ThermaLite thermometer is protected. Click here to check out our ThermaLite instant-read thermometer Peek Concepts is the official ETI distributor of the ThermaLite Thermometer [...]


Worried about air pollution and the spread of germs in Hong Kong? The BASIC mask was designed for urban residents. Urban residents wanted a more budget friendly option to deal with particulate pollution in cities, such as asthma-triggering dust and PM2.5. Keeping this in mind, Cambridge developed the BASIC range. Suitable sizing for children and [...]

Cooking Thermometers & Timers

Kitchen Timer


Info Specs Reviews Simple to use kitchen timer with countdown and count up function Includes stand and magnet Time range up 99 minutes 59 seconds 30 second beep alarm Press the start / stop button to begin the countdown / count up. Press the button again to stop the counting. Very easy to use. Battery [...]


The Hochiki home smoke alarm is perfect for your home. Hochiki have thoroughly focused on design and ease of use as well as quality, such as distinguishing between fire smoke and steam. Loud 90dB ear piercing alarm Shape and size that fits both ceilings and walls Equipped with the industry’s first “learning function” that automatically [...]


Medical professionals are recommending thorough hand washing after contact with surfaces such as grocery bags, packaging or deliveries. We wash our hands, avoid our faces and then put our dirty cell phones to our face. Bacteria, viruses and other pathogens live on surfaces for up to 3 days. Our portable UV sterilizer folds up and [...]


First aid kit for the home and workplace. Complies with regulations of the Hong Kong Labour Department. It has all the essentials necessary for the home. Clearly labelled box with checklist; optional wall mounting included Rennington Hygioplast branded sterile consumables Includes a First Aid booklet by Occupational Health Service, Labour Department in English and Chinese [...]


Peek Concepts is proud to be the exclusive distributor to Hong Kong and Macau for Dr. Cu Antimicrobial Copper Laminate. The powerful laminate is made with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved antimicrobial copper alloys, which kills up to 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and other microbes in under an hour. It has The International Copper Association(ICA) [...]


Form meets function with this decorative beechwood traditional thermometer Imported from England traditional wooden wall-mounted thermometer ideal for the home, conservatory, office or factory. temperature range of -30 to 50°C accuracy of ±1°C Hang this retro thermometer anywhere in your home. Stylish, decorative and useful. Fits with any decor. Housed in a smooth grained, traditional [...]

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