Baby & Child

Plane Pal


Dreading the flight with your child? Now you can enjoy the journey as well as the destination Plane Pal is the ultimate inflatable airline seat extension. The cushion makes sleeping on a plane (car, bus, or train) more comfortable. Designed with kids in mind, it can be used by adults too – there is no [...]


Due to delivery issues, these can only be delivered to HK island. We are happy to meet or deliver anywhere on the island. Thanks.


This thermometer is great for either your fridge or freezer Imported from England Clear colour-coded display Hook this thermometer one the middle shelf, towards the back of your fridge or freezer. Fridges should be kept between 0° and 5°C and freezers between -18° and -25°C. Use your thermometer to alter your thermostat accordingly to ensure [...]


Never have to panic buy again! Your food will be vacuum fresh for months, even years with our vacuum sealing packaging machine. Make your food last longer. Vacuum sealed food in the freezer will last an average of 2-3 years compared to 6 months in a freezer bag. Vacuum sealed food will last up to [...]


Health & Safety

Digital pH Tester


Test the pH value of water, wine, urine, aquarium, swimming pool, and spa water Fast and accurate readings Determine whether your water has the correct pH balance at a glance Multi-use, pocket sized pH tester allows frequent re-checks whenever you need This reusable pH meter tells you the overall water pH value instantly. This pH [...]


Monitor the air quality in your home on your phone. This 5 in 1 Air  Sensor detects CO2, TVOC, HCHO, Humidity, and Temperature. Don’t live with poor air quality. Use this in conjunction with our PEEKair Air Quality Monitor which detects PM2.5 air quality in the home. Specially calibrated for Hong Kong. Here are The [...]


Features: Two Sizes: Large size is suitable for the 13.3 inch the following mobile phone/tablet, Small is suitable for mobile phone/tablet under 7.9 inches. Waterproof oxford cloth material, Three layers of cloth design are unique, super shielding metallic fiber. Easy Clean: When the bag is dirty, only need to wipe with a towel or paper [...]


Note: this metal frame is customized size, if you order our mosquito net, you can order it. if you don’t order our mosquito net, please don’t order, we will not deliver it, thanks for your understanding. 75-Day Buyer Protection Money back guarantee ***This is a dropship product. While we work hard to get our suppliers [...]


Protect your baby from harmful EMF Radiation and mosquitoes with this 3 in 1 netting. The net fits easily over most prams and strollers. The 100% silver fiber will reduce 80-90% of radiation from cell towers, high tension wires, cell phones, Wi-Fi, and all appliances. As an added bonus the silver fibers are anti-microbial. Check [...]


Worried about EMF Radiation? Cell Towers outside your window, WiFi, Computers, Cell Phones, TVs, these all emit Electro Magnetic Frequency radiation. These Mosquito Nets are made from 100% Silver Fiber. It can block 80-90% of EMF Radiation while you sleep. Wake up feeling more energized from having a radiation free sleep. For those who are [...]


Don’t get caught with no water in an emergency! These bags are great for emergency situations like Typhoons. Periodic maintenance on buildings can also leave you without water for up to a full day sometimes. A busted waterpipe and no shower? Not anymore. Also great for those who want to rough it, on a camping [...]


Protect contracts, passports, birth certificates, cash and other flammable valuables from fire. This large bag is both fireproof and water resistant. Don’t take any chances at the home, office, or when traveling. Have peace of mind that even a minor incident won’t destroy valuable documents. Also great to store rechargeable products with lithium ion batteries, [...]


This compact Geiger/Muller nuclear radiation detector/dosimeter, detects Gamma, Alpha, and Beta radiation is small and compact enough to carry around at all times and to detect the radiation levels of any object or environment. You can use it for detecting radiation in toys, jewelry, antiques, construction materials, marble, food, and water. We live in an [...]


EMF radiation has been proven to cause health problems including: Nausea, headaches, and other physical discomforts, trouble concentrating and foggy brain ,lethargy and fatigue, difficulty sleeping, depression, anxiety, low sperm count and prolonged exposure can cause cancer. All electronic devices emit radiation. Cell phones, laptops, TVs, microwaves, refrigerators, and wifi, to name a few. Protect [...]


Cook like a pro! Hassle free, perfectly cooked food every time with our new Sous Vide Precision Cooker and Timer! This handy, yet powerful slow cooking stick packs 1100 watts of power to cook your food to any temperature you want. The best value for sous vide cookers in Hong Kong. Cook your steaks to [...]

Fire Safety

Smoke Mask


What would you do if your tower block is on fire? How would you help your family to escape? Be prepared. Make a plan now. The Senje TZL 30 filtering mask is an atmospheric, air-purifying negative pressure filtration device with a flame-resistant hood. According to the National Public Security Standard GB21976.7-2012, this smoke mask is [...]


Info Specs Reviews Perfect for car, taxi, and school bus runs This tether strap is an optional addition to RideSafer 4 Delight travel vest. It can be used without the EATAL if the vehicle already offers a safe anchor point. Contact your vehicle manufacturer to check where this tether strap can be ideally attached to [...]


Info Specs Reviews Perfect for car, taxi, and school bus runs This Energy Absorbing Tether Anchor Loop (EATAL) is to be used in conjunction with a RideSafer Delight travel vest and a tether strap.The loop is a crash tested accessory which creates a tether anchor point when the vehicle itself does not offer a suitable [...]

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