FREE Matching Pillow with every purchase! Neck Rest The NEWEST RideSafer Generation 5 Delight. It is available in yellow,  and black across both sizes. Small is for children 30 to 60 lbs and large is for 50 to 80 lbs. Use the drop down option above to add to cart.  


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Carbon Monoxide Alarm


How do you protect your family from a hazard that you can’t see, smell or taste? Leading American brand – Kidde has been making Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms, with elecrochemical technology, for years. Peace of mind against a silent killer Powered with 3xAA batteries (included), works during a power failure Digital display shows CO level [...]


PEEKair is an indoor air quality monitor, designed specifically for Hong Kong. Know whether your air is polluted with PM2.5 levels displayed according to US EPA standards. PEEKair puts you in control. Use it to make immediate decisions to improve your family’s health today. Comes charged, ready to use out of the box; no setup [...]


Get your temperature read instantaneously and hygienically. This non-contact infrared forehead thermometer reads anyone’s temperature instantly and safely. Accurate temperature reading first time with a single press Large display, backlit for night-time use Non-contact means it’s totally hygienic What a lot of crying you will avoid from both upset child and sleep deprived parent!! Firstly, it [...]

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Plane Pal


Dreading the flight with your child? Now you can enjoy the journey as well as the destination Plane Pal is the ultimate inflatable airline seat extension. The cushion makes sleeping on a plane (car, bus, or train) more comfortable. Designed with kids in mind, it can be used by adults too – there is no [...]


The bite away® heat pen can permanently stop itching in 1 minute. The original heat pen is dermatologically tested, works without chemicals and is also suitable for pregnant women, children * and allergy sufferers. * The itch treatment device be used for children from 3 years with adult supervision. Personal use from the age of 12. Comes in the original German packaging with instructions in English. ***2 AA batteries included***


Info Specs Reviews Perfect for car, taxi, and school bus runs This tether strap is an optional addition to RideSafer 4 Delight travel vest. It can be used without the EATAL if the vehicle already offers a safe anchor point. Contact your vehicle manufacturer to check where this tether strap can be ideally attached to [...]


Info Specs Reviews Perfect for car, taxi, and school bus runs This Energy Absorbing Tether Anchor Loop (EATAL) is to be used in conjunction with a RideSafer Delight travel vest and a tether strap.The loop is a crash tested accessory which creates a tether anchor point when the vehicle itself does not offer a suitable [...]

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RideSafer Neck Rest


Info Specs Reviews Making car, taxi, and school bus run, comfortable and safe This neck rest is an optional extra to the Generation 4 RideSafer Delight travel vest. Especially useful for younger children who fall asleep during journeys. Available in mesh material with soft trim (mainly black, grey, or yellow) Removable pillow is held in [...]


PuriBand Sticker Thermometers! The latest tool in the fight against communicable disease! Eliminate the need to zap everyone on the forehead every time they walk through the door. The PuriBand Sticker Thermometer gives a constant, accurate read at a glance. These FDA approved thermometer stickers give you constant and instant monitoring of body temperature for [...]


Dreading the flight? Now you can enjoy the journey as well as the destination Here you can purchase an additional Plane Pal pillow for your other child or perhaps you would also like to put your feet up and relax. Designed with kids in mind, it can be used by adults too – there is [...]


The Hochiki home smoke alarm is perfect for your home. Hochiki have thoroughly focused on design and ease of use as well as quality, such as distinguishing between fire smoke and steam. Loud 90dB ear piercing alarm Shape and size that fits both ceilings and walls Equipped with the industry’s first “learning function” that automatically [...]


Our heavy duty safety glasses protect your eyes from chemicals, sawdust, flying debris, and any other workplace hazards. The tough poly-carbonate lens offers 180 degrees of vision and is scratch and fog resistant. The lens are extra thick for maximum protection. Adjustable arms and light weight allow you to be protected in comfort for hours. [...]

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