EMF Radiation Reducing Air Tube Earbuds – 3.5mm


EMF reducing earbuds come in over 50 styles and colors. These earbuds are acoustically superior to Bluetooth earbuds, while eliminating 99% of harmful EMF radiation to your head.

Choose an option
Choose an option
N79 Black/Black
N79 Black/Black/Blue
N79 Black/Black/Pink
N79 Black/Black/Purple.
N79 Black/Black/Red
N79 Black/Black/Yellow
N79 Black/White
N79 Black/White/Blue
N79 Black/White/Pink
N79 Black/White/Purple
N79 Black/White/Red
N79 Black/White/Yellow
N79 Silver/Black
N79 Silver/Black/Blue
N79 Silver/Black/Pink
N79 Silver/Black/Purple
N79 Silver/Black/Red
N79 Silver/Black/Yellow
N79 Silver/White
N79 Silver/White/Blue
N79 Silver/White/Pink
N79 Silver/White/Purple
N79 Silver/White/Red
N79 Silver/White/Yellow
N89 Black/Black
N89 Black/Black/Blue
N89 Black/Black/Pink
N89 Black/Black/Purple
N89 Black/Black/Red
N89 Black/Black/Yellow
N89 Black/White
N89 Black/White/Blue
N89 Black/White/Pink
N89 Black/White/Purple
N89 Black/White/Red
N89 Black/White/Yellow
N89 Silver/Black
N89 Silver/Black/Blue
N89 Silver/Black/Pink
N89 Silver/Black/Purple
N89 Silver/Black/Red
N89 Silver/Black/Yellow
N89 Silver/White
N89 Silver/White/Blue
N89 Silver/White/Pink
N89 Silver/White/Purple
N89 Silver/White/Red
N89 Silver/White/Yellow
N99 Rose Gold/Black
N99 Rose Gold/White
N99 Silver/Black
N99 Silver/Black/Blue
N99 Silver/Black/Pink
N99 Silver/Black/Yellow
N99 Silver/White
N99 Silver/White/Blue
N99 Silver/White/Pink
N99 Silver/White/Yellow
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