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PEEKair is an indoor air quality monitor, designed specifically for Hong Kong. Know whether your air is polluted with PM2.5 levels displayed according to US EPA standards. PEEKair puts you in control. Use it to make immediate decisions to improve your family’s health today. Comes charged, ready to use out of the box; no setup [...]


****THESE ARE APPROVED FOR SHIPPING TO AUSTRALIA! PLEASE CONTACT US FOR FURTHER DETAILS**** Peek Concepts is bringing cutting edge technology to market with the first Covid-19 rapid antigen saliva test that has 99% specificity and 97% sensitivity and gives results in minutes! EU list of COVID-19 rapid antigen tests and COVID-19 test result certificates No more painful swabs up your nose. Perfect for home or office testing. V-Chek COVID19 Ag is a rapid immunochromatographic test for the qualitative detection of specific antigens to the SARS-CoV-2 in human saliva.


The NEWEST RideSafer Generation 5 Delight. It is available in yellow,  and black across both sizes. Small is for children 30 to 60 lbs and large is for 50 to 80 lbs. Use the drop down option above to add to cart. Neck Rest  


Worried about air pollution and the spread of germs in Hong Kong? Breathe easy with this military grade filtration face mask from leading British brand ‘Cambridge Mask Company’. Protection for your whole family. Suitable sizing for children and adults Best of British technology: UK Ministry of Defence filtration N99 certification guarantees consistent filtering of almost [...]

Cooking Thermometers & Timers

DOT – Digital Oven Thermometer


Burnt or undercooked meals are a thing of the past. Even the most amateur of kitchen hands can produce safely cooked dishes with this nifty little in-oven timer. Let the DOT constantly monitor your food so you’re freed up to tackle other tasks. The alarm will instantly tell you when it’s ready. Super simple to [...]


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Fire Blanket


A safety essential for your home. Manufactured in the UK, Bridela’s fire blanket is approved by the Hong Kong Fire Services Department for commercial and residential use under the heavy duty category. You can trust this product to provide the highest quality safety protection. Expect nothing less when the lives of your family, helper and [...]


EMF reducing earbuds come in over 50 styles and colors. These earbuds are acoustically superior to Bluetooth earbuds, while eliminating 99% of harmful EMF radiation to your head.

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Peek Concepts is proud to be the exclusive distributor to Hong Kong and Macau for Dr. Cu Antimicrobial Copper Laminate. The powerful laminate is made with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved antimicrobial copper alloys, which kills up to 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and other microbes in under an hour. It has The International Copper Association(ICA) [...]


CS Light self-cleaning nano liquid is a light activated anti-microbial spray that bonds to surfaces. It’s developed right here in Hong Kong. This non-chemical anti-microbial spray is a water based formula, non-toxic and harmless, non-odorous and non-flammable. Once sprayed it forms a stable nano-coating on the surface of the object which is non-volatile and non-oxidizable. Once [...]


Never have to panic buy again! Your food will be vacuum fresh for months, even years with our vacuum sealing packaging machine. Make your food last longer. Vacuum sealed food in the freezer will last an average of 2-3 years compared to 6 months in a freezer bag. Vacuum sealed food will last up to [...]


Cook like a pro! Hassle free, perfectly cooked food every time with our new Sous Vide Precision Cooker and Timer! This handy, yet powerful slow cooking stick packs 1100 watts of power to cook your food to any temperature you want. The best value for sous vide cookers in Hong Kong. Cook your steaks to [...]

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